Angel Wing Photo Shoot with Katie

I’ve built several wings for photo-shoots over the years.It is like a discovery of what materials I can use and how they’ll come out - I’ve made a pair from paper flowers, and one from holiday stems. This time i wanted to give a try to packing foam, and I’m so excited on how they turned out.

Angel wing photo shoot
Angel Wings photo Shoot

And Katie was perfect angel for the photo shoot. These create photo shoots remind me that before the photo gets ever taken, I love creating it - imagining it, making the wings, putting it all together.

I’ve loved Victoria Secret fashion show and the wings they build with multiple themes for every show. The show always intrigued me on how different the wings were - built differenetly and sometimes not even really wings, but the creative process inspires me to make my versions of wings.

DIY Angel Wings Photo Prop from foam
Large Angel wing photo shoot
Model photo shoot with large angel wings  cosplay

Building these angel wings , I learned a lot from my previous projects, from how to attach them to the weight and how to finish them. I’m sure there will be more wings in my future, but here is a nod to the few I have built before.

Angel wings cosplay built from paper flowers
Paper flower Angel Wings Cosplay
Cosplay fairy angel wings
DIY VS  Victoria Secret Angel wings cosplay

How to Paint a Photography Backdrop using Drop - Cloth

Hot to paint a backdrop? How to paint a backdrop on a budget? Few years ago I looked all over try and find a way to paint a photography backdrop, but I could not quite find something that spoke to me. I made some mistakes - learned a few lessons.

How to paint a Background


Number ONE -  use flat paint .... FLAT PAINT ( chalk paint works great as well)

Number TWO -  thin your house paint with water - otherwise your background will be really heavy

SO..... to start you will need tones of your choice in house paint in FLAT finish or Chalk Paint. Make sure to check out your stores OOPS section of paints people didnt like. I just used some left over from house work.

Also something to apply the paint with -  roller, sponge, or bunched up plastic bag.

I used 9x12 Canvas Drop Cloth - I have also have painted clearance furniture fabric

If you'd like to keep your hands somewhat clean -  vinyl gloves. you can get them in a pharmacy or Amazon

I also used plastic drop-cloth underneath my cotton drop-cloth that I will be painting

I wetted the canvas first, so the paint absorbs better.

For this backdrop, I did not want vignette, but using a bit darker tones around the edges can create vignetted look.

So Here is my quick video.

I used simple plastic shopping bag dipping in paint to create texture.

Your cost will differ based on what you have at home and what you can source.

And while I dream of some time in my life own an Oliphant backdrop, this budget version works great for me now.