Prom Photos among flowers

The prom season is upon us. Girls in stunning dresses, beautiful make up and hair, guys in polished suits and tuxes.

This prom photo-shoot was for two exchange students studying in our are schools from Italy and Vietnam.

Prom photos Clarkston MI

It was fun to create some great images to send home to the family as the senior year is wrapping up.

Senior Prom photos

I love photographing these events as they freeze happy moments we will look back at.

High Scchool Senior Photos Clarkston
Guy Senior Prom Photo
Senior Prom Photo Session

Free Photo Friday - 11/17/17- Eastern Market, Detroit

This week for Free Photo Friday I'm releasing a series of images from my visit to Eastern Market in Detroit. This unique place lets you taste some local goodies, has amazing flowers, and ton of street art. If you are really for a longer adventure, just take the Dequindre Cut all the way to the river.

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Ilze Lucero Eastern Market  Free Photo Friday.jpg
Free Photos for commercial use Ilze Lucero Eastern Market .jpg
Ilze Lucero Eastern Market (6).jpg

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