Fall family photo session pumpkin farm

I just love fall family photo sessions at pumpkin farms and cider mills.  While I've settled in Clarkston, MI, I wonder to PA quite a bit. Last time  there I loved the Schramm Farms. Hay bales painted as beloved cartoon characters, corn maze, petting zoo and treat stands for parents and kids alike. Recently they have expanded and added bakery and even  winery. While the weather did not look that promising for a fall family photo shoot, we brought a blanket for little sisters to sit on, and luckily it only started to drizzle when we were about to leave. While photographing families, I try to get a few shots of just the parents. I find that parents are the pillars of the family, and sometimes in all the years raising kids, showing of their accomplishments and documenting memories, there are no photos of just the couple. Showing their love and commitment not just to their kids, but also to each other is great memory to capture. Fall family photo clarkston family photographerI was also happy to capture a tender moment of the big sister snuggling with her dad while grabbing some photos of little one . Some of the most precious memories are the ones in a quiet moment next to the photo shoot, and I love when I'm able to notice them and capture them

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Family Photo Session at Big Red Cider Mill

Family photo sessions in the fall add color and warmth. As Michigan surely is colored by fall, Millers Big Red Cider Mill  is filled with pumpkins, pies, cider and sweet smell of fresh donuts. I was happy to create beautiful family photos for this Lynne and David and sweet Addison. We stopped by the waterfall and big red truck, pumpkins and barn. We lucked out with perfect weather for a photo session, and created great family portraits that will mark Addisons' 6month milestones. White it may take bit to make Addison smile, parents have brought beautiful clothes and bows for photos that will later decorate their home, Christmas cards and will be shared with friends and family. I feel blessed to be able to capture these moments in time.baby photo session Baby girl family photographer

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Precious Babies

baby girl, ilze Lucero Photography  


baby girl, ilze Lucero Photography

baby girl, ilze Lucero Photography

baby girl, ilze Lucero Photography

I just love that feeling, when I capture a special moment of precious little babies. Their first smiles, and very small fingers and precious little toes. They are filled with so much potential, just like a little acorn holding a whole oak tree inside. They will grow to change the world, influence people around them and experience bouquet of emotions. Yet at this time they are helpless, needing their parents presence and love, these babies will be shaped in their character by influences around them, by examples set by their parents, by peers and the world

Beautiful Detroit wedding

This weekend I enjoyed photographing beautiful Detroit Wedding. Who would have thought that at the beginning of October we will still be enjoying 80 degrees and sunshine and we took advantage of it and captured the big day on the streets of Detroit. Graffiti and urban ruggedness contrasted with beautiful white wedding gown of the bride and crisp tux of the groom. We stopped by graffiti walls at Creative Corridor, Fox Theater, Tiger of Comerica Park and Dirty Trick. Detroit has so much to offer with it beautiful landmarks. And this couple enjoyed their  wedding at places that meant most to them, from bright colors of graffiti, created by local artists to landmarks known to every Detroiter.  The ceremony took as to Belle Isle Conservatory, where flowers were still in bloom, and a curious bee landed on grooms boutonniere. Ilze Lucero Photography Ilze Lucero Photography Detroit wedding Ilze Lucero Photography Ilze Lucero Photography Detroit wedding Ilze Lucero Photography Detroit wedding Ilze Lucero Photography Detroit wedding Ilze Lucero Photography Detroit wedding Ilze Lucero Photography Detroit wedding You can see more of my wedding photography here

Belly art - maternity photo shoot

Pregnancy comes with its own challenges. There are days when body is changing, and it takes an effort to just get out of bed before noon, however sometimes mom-to-be, just needs a bit of make up, few curls, and create a beautiful memory, of women blooming into motherhood.Maternity photography is more than just recording of an important path in women's life. I reminds mom of the incredible inner and outer beauty she has while creating a new life. maternity photography, belly pictures

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