Picassos Grapvine - all the bright future

Picasso's Grapevine is more than just painting  and wine, it offers palette sign classes and make your own corn-hole classes, to wine glass and wine bottle painting classes.

Recently there are some changes coming to this lovely art place. The building has new owners,  but the Grapevine is still going to offer classes -  they are just moving downstairs, while a bigger and broader future space is spruced up in a barn house not too far away on Clarkston road.

Picassos grapevine clasroom ready for students

But on this day - in the very first week of 2018, Leanna Haun was boxing up the bright paintings as she was moving the classroom downstairs.

Picassos grapevine (32).jpg
Picassos grapevine art classes
Picassos grapevine wine glass painting

While the storefront will be different, make sure you peak in a take a class and find a bit of time for art and wine

For all updates make sure you visit https://picassosgrapevine.com/