Rock your wedding bouquet and boutineer

Being a wedding photographer I see such a great variety of wedding flowers. Grand bouquets with big center blooms, color coordinated to match the color themes of the wedding, classic roses and some bouquets are not flowers at all.

Pink Peony and rose  bboho wedding bouquet

I love photographing flowers. I also have noticed quite a few challenges over the years of seeing wedding bouquets. Flowers are expensive. On on your special day you want them to add to the overall celebration aesthetic.

Since most of us don’t regularly handle flowers, seeking reputable florist is a great idea. They can advise you on blooms that are in season, blooms that will last though out your day as well as providing knowledge of assembling a great bouquet. However knowing some basics will set you up for a great start. In this article I’m focusing on fresh flowers

5 tips for wedding flowers.jpg

So here are my 5 tips to rock you wedding flowers.

  1. Pick blooms that are in season - these flowers will usually be the freshest and have greatest availability.

  2. Consider the wight of the bouquet - you will be carrying the flowers for quite some time. Also when consider boutineers and corsages - heaver blooms will tend to pull on fabrics and may be harder to attach. Stiffer stems also tend to break. (remember that boutineers will see some use as there will be quite a bit of hugging during the wedding day).

  3. Pay attention to how bouquet is constructed - you will handle the flowers quite a bit throughout the day - make sure to talk to the florist about how delicate are some blooms and where they should be placed in the bouquet so they don’t break

  4. Consider the climate/season and how long the flowers will be exposed to hot/ cold temperatures - tropical blooms may do better in summer, delicate blooms may start to wilt and droop when exposed to hours of heat or cold

  5. Do your research ahead of time - look up the flowers that you like ans see how well they handle as cut blooms. Consider that the photos you may see online may be prepared specifically for a photo shoot, that they may be in a controlled temperatures.

Boho Rose and Eucalyptus wedding bouquet

When I photograph flowers at the wedding - I set a goal to get my shots in as early as possible - as soon as I arrive or as soon as florist delivers them. But likely flowers will be in photos throughout the day - at the ceremony, on the table at the reception.

Tropical King Protea Wedding Bouquet

As a quick common sense note - have a paper towel or a regular towel to be able to dab water from the steams when you remove your bouquet from the vase. I’ve encountered quite a bit of improvisation when bouquets drip and sometimes leave stains on wedding and bridesmaid dresses.

Wedding bouquet -  yellow and blue with garden roses, billy balls and anemones
Floral arrangement by  Design Quintesentials

Floral arrangement by Design Quintesentials

Classic rose wedding bouquet -  red, white and gold
Modern wedding flowers- roses, dahlias and fresias

Grosse Ile Airport Wedding C+J

Grosse Ile Municipal Airport couldn't be a better choice for a unique venue for a wedding. The spacious airport hanger provided plenty of room for the tables and dancing, and perfect spot to get married in front of airplanes. The nearby park also gives great opportunities for creative photos of the couple. For C and Jthis was also a perfect venue to tie in with their love for travel and adventure.

Wedding details
Wedding details
Beautiful Bride

Beautiful Bride

Detroit wedding inspiration
Good luck lie around the bouquet, to hold back the rain... it worked

Good luck lie around the bouquet, to hold back the rain... it worked

Grosse Ile wedding
Michigan wedding photographer
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Airplane wedding inspiration
Airport wedding inspiration
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Airplane wedding theme inspiration
Airplane Wedding shoot
Grosse Ile wedding
Detroit wedding inspiration
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Detroit Wedding - Detroit Yacht Club + Eastern Market + Floral Mural + Hawaiian Lei

This Detroit wedding blended the urban Detroit style, Hawaiian family heritage and showcased the love of L and W tying the knot in the beautiful Detroit Yacht Club on Belle Isle.

Detroit Yacht Club

While Belle isle was buzzing with artists and visitors this summer Saturday as Belle Isle Art Fair took place , Detroit Yacht club was setting up for the wedding. L and W set aside time for first look and photography before the ceremony, as they wanted to fully enjoy the time with their guests during cocktail hour and dinner.

So we started with first look in the small terrace at the Ballroom.

So we started with first look in the small terrace at the Ballroom.

And then we set off to get the couples wedding portraits in Detroit area

And then we set off to get the couples wedding portraits in Detroit area

Detroit is rich with street art, this lovely mural created by Ouizi created amazing backdrop for the bridal photos

Floral mural , Detroit wedding
Belle Isle wedding
Detroit wedding photographer
Detroit wedding, floral mural
Then we set our sights to  Eastern Market

Then we set our sights to Eastern Market

This Detroit gem offers more than local produce and products, it is filled with culture and urban art showcasing the great talent of various artists.

Eastern Market Wedding (2).jpg
Eastern Market Wedding (3).jpg
Detroit Wedding (6).jpg
In the middle of busy Eastern Market

In the middle of busy Eastern Market

And when we returned back to Detroit Yacht Club, brides father had ordered a lei flown in from Hawaii, to give her on the wedding day.

Detroit Wedding Hawaii Lei.jpg
Detroit Wedding (3).jpg
First Dace