Project - Latvian Nomad Portrait

Latvian Nomad Portrait Project has been growing in my heart for some time. My goal is to photograph Latvians abroad - create series of proffesional portraits of people who are proud of their Latvian roots, people who may no longer speak the language, or people who visit their homeland frequently. Portrait collection would be in an online gallery, possibly creating a book in a future.

latvian Nomad Portrait

Latvia is approaching its 100 year anniversary and at various times and turmoils in its history Latvians have found themselves away from their home country, yet their love for the small country on the Baltic Sea remains strong.

I've  lived in United States  for almost two decades, and have met Latvians with different paths that have brought them away from Latvia. With this project I hope to capture portraits that reflect the people who call themselves Latvian.

I am based in Michigan and would like to start in my home state however as I travel, I'd like to reach out to other communities as well. If you are Latvian and would like to find out more about this project, set up a portrait session please contact me at , connect of Facebook or Instagram.

I also invite my fellow Latvian Photographers abroad to join me in this project -  create professional portraits of Latvians abroad. Please use #latviannomad on Instagram or tag me @latviannomad

Latvian Roots - Photo Shoot

It doesn't happen that I get to celebrate my Latvian roots in photos, but my cousin came to visit.

November 18th happens to be Latvian Independence Proclamation Day and Latvia is only a year shy of it 100th birthday. 

Traditional Latvian Crown - Latviesu vainags
tautumeita - Latvian traditions
Latvian traditional crown
Latvian nomad

Latvia is small country on Baltic Sea. While its population is just about 2 million, the country has rich history. Art Noveau architecture in Riga (the capital of Latvia) shines throughout the city. The song and dance festival gathers thousands of Latvians in celebration. And now as the Latvias 100th birthday is approaching, the country is ready to celebrate.

I was born in Latvia and grew up there, but my life has taken me to States where I'm raising my family. And while during busy days my Latvian spirit may fade, I feel my roots deeply when I listen to music or catch up with a fellow Latvian.