Senior Pictures - 3 tips for great experience

Senior pictures in Clarkston - 3 tips to make your senior session great.

Senior Pictures in Clarkston

1. Look your best -

- prep your clothes. Make sure they are wrinkle free. Consider several outfits. Have one that will show of your personality, your style and you feel comfortable in. Pick out a set that is neutral - maybe one light and one dark. If you play sports or play an instrument, bring it along. And the main thing-  if you think you may want to have photo with something - bring it. The worst that can happen is you wont use it. That will save you from regret of not bringing something that would have been cool in pictures - bring a pet, bring you drama outfit or your sports equipment.

- Girls -  get your hair and make-updone. Even if you don't wear a lot of make - up as part of daily routine, make sure you do your best even your skin tones and cover blemishes. Also mention to your photographer if you'd like any imperfections edited in post processing of your images. 

Consider bringing a brush/comb and hairspray to combat last minute fly-aways.

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2. Decide on location or locations.

Think on what showcases your personality the best. Urban and architectural appeal will give geometric shape and leading line opportunities for your images, while parks and fields will offer more of naturepresence. Consider picking clothing that will stand out in the environment that you choose.

When considering locations also keep in mind that some locations may require photography permit. So being prepared and doing your research ahead of time will take away any stress on your day of your senior photo session.

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3. Have FUN

Show off your personality. Make it adventure. 

Talk to your photographer, see what props they have. What style they shoot.

Here are some styled senior shoot suggestions:

- editorial shoot/ magazine shoot 

- styled photo session -  play it up , dress up, bring some props

- fine art photo session - create a fine art piece you'll want to hang on a wall or create photo book

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