Janet Tait - People Behind the Local Business

Clarkston is filled with various small businesses and through networking I've enjoyed meeting people who run these businesses.

Recently I had an opportunity to it down and chat with Janet Tait, RN, BSN, CHTP/I - Healing touch practitioner behind private holistic nursing practice -  Wellness Enhancement, LLC. Her office is right here in Clarkston in Winship Building.

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I met Janet about a year ago through local networking group -  Clarkston Coffee Club and over time found out more about her business. Not only she offers Healing Touch energy work at her office, with years of experience, she also teaches Healing Touch though her business at University of Michigan Hospital in Ann Arbor, St Josephs Hospital in Pontiac and VA Hospital.

She too her first class in Healing Touch in 1993 as a nursing continuing education program ( the classes are open to everybody) and was impressed what she experienced learning and working with other students in the class and continued with further classes and conferences and has her certification through Healing Beyond Borders. ( You can take one class, but to be certified you have to take five, and will take several years before you can become instructor )

So here are some highlights from our Q and A

photos by fellow Clarkston photogrpher Mark Kelly

photos by fellow Clarkston photogrpher Mark Kelly


Does one have to believe in Healing Touch for it to work?


No, but one has to be open to it. Sometimes the skeptics have the best results because they come in open minded and they are willing to try it.

What would be the patients experience when they come to your office?


When someone comes into my office, I take history on them and explain what Healing Touch is. They would just take their shoes off and lay down on a massage table if they are comfortable doing that. I work for about 45 minutes doing energy work, either touching the person lightly or working on their energy field. Most people feel very relaxed, it can be very effective for pain management.  one of the things I appreciate the most is that Healing Touch is evidence based, there is research that shows that it is effective.( more information about it on Healing Beyond Borders Website )

What would someone experience during the session?


It depends on a person. Some people a very aware that there is someone in their energy field, and they may feel tingling, or pressure or release. Other people fall asleep. It works ether way. Another interesting thing about it ( Healing Touch) - it helps you keep health, because stress causes a lot of illness- so keeping yourself relaxed can help you maintain your health.

Do you have to take many classes to be able to to practice Healing Touch?


After someone takes just one class, after they leave the class they can help. It is a two day class and it is very experiential, - I teach a technique, I'll demonstrate it - and then everybody gives and receives it. So oftentimes after the first day, when people go home, they will practice it on their family and use the technique right then.

What kind of things is Healing Touch  good for? Doe is it help the emotional well-being as well?


Healing Touch is holistic and in that it helps person heal mind, body and spirit. Because a lot of illnesses are caused by stress, Healing Touch helps with relaxation. But it also helps with physical issues. Research shows help with side-effects of chemo and radiation, for back pain... Whenever there is a problem with a person, there is a potential for Healing Touch to be effective and helping.

Are there any age restrictions for healing Touch?


There are classes for children as well. I teach the classes for adults but you can teach a child as well. There are healing touch for animals as well.

So that's a wrap.

For more information about Janet's Private Holistic Nursing practice and her classes visit her website https://jtaitwellness.com/ and FB page

When I meet people through networking, I often find that I lake to have a bit longer chat, and get to know them, and their business. To get to know a bit more about their client experience and background.