Ilze Lucero Photography - my WHY

Ilze Lucero Photography -  Clarkston based photographer in Michigan. That is my tag line.

Clarkston Portrait photographer

This has been an interesting year. While I've been a photographer for over a decade -  in the beginning as a side job, this is a first year that I have immersed in networking. I joined Clarkston Area Chamber of Commerce and their Young Professionals Network (YPN), i found out about Clarkston Coffee Club and joined that and most recently started attending Tuesdays Together in Detroit ( Local Chapter for Rising Tide Society). In all these places a group of business owners, entrepreneurs are looking to grow their business, and the greatest gift these groups offer is connection.

Networking was a concept, I was not a big fan of. I loved my clients referring me, but I wasn't sure ho would another business can help me. But I decided to give it a try, and the biggest AHA moment was that behind the business, behind the entrepreneur, there was simply a person, who had friends and colleagues. These people were building their trusted network. 

So there came the question .... and the question for me was - WHY? - Why was I doing what I was doing, and why these people were doing what they were doing. And as many as there are people, there are just as many answers to WHY?

So here is my "WHY"

I love taking photographs, I love every part of it. I love planning the shoot, creating a concept, photographing, seeing the people in front of my lens showing true emotion. I love editing and refining the final image, I love see that image printed, and shared. I love looking back at past images and remember the feeling, remember the story.

Photography is what I love, and while creativity is in many ways bursting into my every day, when I pick up my camera, I feel joy.

So when I go to networking events, or even when I talk to friends I have to try my best not to bring every conversation to photography. I am a photographer, but I also want to know your WHY?


Your story is worth celebrating