Amaizing Smoke Photo-Shoot With Kyle

Spring finally had arrived and i was ready for another creative photo shoot. I'm so excited that Kyle from Kyle Ann Design joined me to have some fun with.

Green Smoke Photo Shoot

We photographed with green, purple and white smoke in wooded area near my home. The exciting part about photographing smoke is the movement and unpredictability as the smoke rises. Even the slightest wind changes the direction and how it billows.

Green Smoke Photo Shoot Michigan Photographer
White Smoke Photo Shoot -  Detroit Metro Photographer
Smoke Photo Shoot -  Detroit Metro Photogrpher
Purple Smoke Photo Shoot

Kyle also happens to be amazing hair and make -up artist in Detroit Metro area. So we changed up her hair half way through the photo-shoot.


Colored Smoke Photo Shoot

Colored Smoke -  there is something mysterious, ethereal and momentary about it. We got to enjoy quite calm weather, and event the smallest breeze had smoke change the direction.

Yellow Smoke photo shoot  -  mystery in the woods

We picked three colors -  yellow, purple and red. Well purple ended up looking a bit more blue, but the colors were quite saturated and looked beautiful as they wrapped around Stephanie

Smoke photo, beautiful red hair model

And even as the smoke dedicated, it created a beautiful fog among the fall colored trees. 

Fantasy photogrphy -  yellow fog
Red smoke granade -  beautiful modeal
Pink smoke granade photogrphy -  clarkston photogrpher
Purple blue smoke granade, magical photo shoot
Blue smoke photo shoot
Smoke photo shoot -  mystic woods



Girl in a pretty dress

Sometime you just have to ask a pretty girl if you can take a photo. I just loved the green rockabilly dress and the purple hair, and Annika was so gracious and we grabbed this cute photo.


Model Shoot -  rockabilly cutie

Model Photo Shoot

While I'm mostly Clarkston Senior, Portrait and a Wedding Photographer, now and then I traveland in my travels I get to photograph models. And this photo shoot was of young girl, but full of character and spunk.

Waiting for the new journey
young model - fun fashion shoot
Model photo shoot
Fun with a black dress

Photo Session with a beautiful dress and dance

When a girl puts a beautiful dress on, does she wants to sway? Does she wants to twirl? Does she wants to get lost into fantasy? I absolutely love photographing women, any age. I am amazed how we as women, tell stories. Women portraiture is near and dear to my hart. Bringing out joy and fun in my photo sessions, is what I truly love about my job.

Beautiful portrait
Portrait photo session

Fall family photo session pumpkin farm

I just love fall family photo sessions at pumpkin farms and cider mills.  While I've settled in Clarkston, MI, I wonder to PA quite a bit. Last time  there I loved the Schramm Farms. Hay bales painted as beloved cartoon characters, corn maze, petting zoo and treat stands for parents and kids alike. Recently they have expanded and added bakery and even  winery. While the weather did not look that promising for a fall family photo shoot, we brought a blanket for little sisters to sit on, and luckily it only started to drizzle when we were about to leave. While photographing families, I try to get a few shots of just the parents. I find that parents are the pillars of the family, and sometimes in all the years raising kids, showing of their accomplishments and documenting memories, there are no photos of just the couple. Showing their love and commitment not just to their kids, but also to each other is great memory to capture. Fall family photo clarkston family photographerI was also happy to capture a tender moment of the big sister snuggling with her dad while grabbing some photos of little one . Some of the most precious memories are the ones in a quiet moment next to the photo shoot, and I love when I'm able to notice them and capture them

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