Rockin' Maternity Photo Session

Now and then I get to photograph this awesome time in ones life when they are getting ready to bring new life into this world. I’ve done variety of maternity photo sessions - from nature walks, to studio photo shoots - this time - we went with artful black and white.

Priscilla is a Zumba instructor and mom to two kids already, but this was just the time to show of her awesomenes of pregnancy.

Awesome Rock and Roll Preganancy Photo Shoot
Amazing Maternity Black and White Photo Inspiration
Priscilla (28).jpg
Magazine Style Maternity Photo Shoot
Flowing FabricMaternity Pregnancy Photo Inspiration
Modern pregnancy Photo Shoot Michigan
Modern Maternity Photographer Black and White

Adorable Family Photo Shoot - Indian Springs Metro Park

Indian Springs Metro Park is one of my favorite local Clarkston locations for photo sessions. We went exploring for this fun family photo session starting at Nature Discovery Center through paths in deep grass, up the hill and overlooking the beautiful area. The pond glistening behind us. This location has so much to offer when it comes to photography and it is a great place to take kids exploring and running, and having fun.

Fun Clarkston Family Photo Shoot.jpg

We didn’t get to see any wildlife this time, but I have seen bunnies and listened to lovely birds singing.

Depending on the season you choose to visit and explore the area, I suggest bringing bug spray in summer seasons, since the park has tall grass and several ponds… and , yes, quite a few mosquitoes.

Family photogrpher Clarkston
Clarkston Family photo Shoot
Clarkston photographer
Fall family photo shoot at Indian Springs

So if you want fun photos, for family, seniors or engagements - Indian Springs Metro park is a great location if you are a Clarkston photographer

Fall family photo session at Bay Court Park

Bay Court Park has renovated Brady Lodge, and has great locations for family photos.

Fall family photos

And I had such a great time photographing this lovely family.The images we created will look great joining the other family photos at their home. Exist in photos -  and print them. But first ... of course ... you have to have the photos taken .

Fall family photo shoot
Clarkston Family photogrpher

As a quick photographer tip-  when it comes to family photo session -  have fun. Show off the joy you have , and the care for each other

clarkston photogrpher

Brand New Baby Photo Session

I mostly focus on photographing portraits and weddings, but now and then I get to photograph a brand new little babies. This little girl is just two weeks old and she was quite curious and we started with her photos while she was wide awake.

Newborn photographer in Clarkston

but like many newborns, she needed a milk brake and then it was time for some sleepy pictures.

Newborn pictures in Clarkston
baby photographer in Clarkston

When I take these precious images, I get reminded how quickly time passes, how fast these little ones grow up.

Brand New Tiny Little Human

I find that holding brand new tiny little human has a timeless magic. It that moment you feel as if you are entrusted with a little miracle, a little spark, that will grow and flourish with its own amazing quirks. This tiny little human will bring joy, and occasional tear ( life happens), and he will affect people around him in big ways and small. So when I hold a tiny little human, I see beyond the ability of tugging the heartstrings with a yawn or a smile, I see so much wonder.

baby photography
Newborn photographer

Belly Photo Shoot - Bay Court park

As a Clarkston photographer I enjoy the surrounding parks to give me great locations for photo shoots. Surprising for early February, we lucked out with almost spring like weather with temperatures in the 40s F.

While in places there was some mud and soggy ground, Bay court park was perfect for M & K baby bump photo session.

Clarkston Photographer
Clarkston Photographer -  Baby Bump
Beautiful maternity Photos - Clarkston Photographer
Clarkston photographer -  gentle moment
Baby mama - Clarkston photographer

Firefighter Baby

I have to say, people who serve communities, people who serve others in distress, have special place in my heart. And it was my privilege a little while ago to photograph a growing family with mom firefighter.

This photo shoot, like many that involve little kids, took a bit a patience, and a bit of time, but came out with beautiful memories for the family.

Firefighter and baby
Firefighter mom
Firefighter baby photo shoot Clarkton
And the big sister had so much love for dad

And the big sister had so much love for dad

baby photo session, Clarkston photographer

Three Little Sisters

Ive been lucky to photograph these three little sisters, since toe oldest one was only a month old. And seeing family grow throughout the years just gives me this amazing feeling of freezing time. Like saving little slices of life, little moments of joy, and sometimes even little moments of chaos as I'm trying to get three little girls peek at my camera and smile.

Fine art family photographer
lifestyle photographer clarkston mi
family photographer