Art in The Village and Weekend in the Country Festival

One of those little things, I enjoy, are art festivals. Fall in Clarkston area brings two. Art in the Village right here in the Depot park is filled with local artists, craftsmen, and food vendors. It reminds me of my childhood, when my dad used to take me to galleries on the weekend for an exhibit- jewelry and textiles, pottery and metalwork. It's food for soul. And there was some food for body as well. Jar Head Sasa, their chips and Queso

This salsa was delicious. And we had to get some honeycomb and honey mustard from Jodi Bee Honey Farms -  yummmmm.

Jodi Bee Honey Farm, Ilze lucero photography

I also enjoyed chatting with Neil Weaver, Michigan landscape photographer. His images of Upper Peninsula, Lake Superior and other landscapes are truly pieces of art.

Now looking forward to Weekend in the Country, shopping festival and vintage market. Its fun to find some vintage pieces, chat with artist and enjoy craftsmanship. Now I just have to get to finishing the vintage rocking chair I bought there last year. I got the fabric, now I just need to pick up some upholstery tacks