Business Photos - Orion Family Spinal Center

I recently had an opportunity to photograph Dr. Chris Bennett who is upper cervical chiropractor. His practice - Orion Family Spinal Center -  is in Lake Orion on Waldon Rd where he also gives lectures/classes on importance of heaving healthy spine , especially upper cervical. 

He has such passion for helping people that it shows in his everyday conversations as well as in his office.

Business branding photos - chiropractor
Orion Family Spinal Center -  Chiropractor portrait

I love photographing people who have great passion for what they do and do their work with joy.

Brand New Baby Photo Session

I mostly focus on photographing portraits and weddings, but now and then I get to photograph a brand new little babies. This little girl is just two weeks old and she was quite curious and we started with her photos while she was wide awake.

Newborn photographer in Clarkston

but like many newborns, she needed a milk brake and then it was time for some sleepy pictures.

Newborn pictures in Clarkston
baby photographer in Clarkston

When I take these precious images, I get reminded how quickly time passes, how fast these little ones grow up.

FAQ and my workflow

As clients reach out for information, certain questions keep coming up. So I thought I'll go through my workflow and address some of the more frequent circumstances that I encounter. So lets get to it.

Clarkston Photographer


I am a portrait and wedding photographer based in Clarkston Michigan. I mostly photograph weddings, high school senior and business head-shots and branding photo sessions.

I usually receive an inquiry from a client and after the initial email I like to get through main talking points via phone call or in person meeting. My goal is to find out what my clients are looking for from the photo session, what are the photos going to be used for and address any questions or concerns they may have.

If both of us feel we are a good fit we schedule a date for the photo shoot and I get a deposit to hold the date.

Depending on the type of photo session, photo processing takes from day or two for a single head - shot to about two weeks for a wedding.

The client then is provided with the online gallery and gets to choose the photos and /or products that best fit their needs.


So here come some of the questions that I get quite frequently.

1. Can I just get all the RAW files?

The short answer is NO. But let me get through why - RAW files are the raw materials when it comes to photography. Just like a chef would not bring out food remnants when you get your dish at the restaurant, as a professional photographer I post process (prepare) my final images which are my final products like the prepared dish is the chefs final product.

The photos that "go out in the world" are also our reputation. And presenting my clients with the best of the best is just a good business practice.

While there are some photographers who are just starting out that offer RAW files, professional photographers don't.

2. Can I see the back of the camera?

YES. While the tiny screen really doesn't show the final image, I want to make sure that my clients get a peak at the back of my camera, so they have a general idea of what photos we are getting. I'd rather rephotograph a client from a slightly different angle that have them disappointed later that we didnt get the shot.

3. But how do I know if I'll like your editing?

The pre-consultation is the key. I'll be happy yo talk to you on the phone or meet your in person. I can send a sample of my work and options,

My general edit is- clean timeless edit. It mostly has minor tweaks and balances light.

When it comes to specific editing of scars, blemishes or overall contouring of body, those details are discussed prior to the photo shoot.

4.  Can I get "THAT" look?

While most of my photos don't have a heavy filters, I have extensive experience in post-processing, lighting and photography that I can meet my clients needs.

From timeless balanced color scheme....

Contemporary senior photo shoot

to modern vintage film look...

film look -  photo editing

My goal is to tell YOUR STORY with photographs.

5. Can I just get digital files?

YES. My packages include few digital files. And if you choose to purchase any prints, the corresponding digital file is included for your personal printing as well. However you can purchase any additional digital files as well even if you don't purchase prints or other products.

So these are just the few most common circumstances I encounter.

For more details or questions please reach out to me. I'll be happy to talk to you over the phone or meet you in person.

Ilze- 248.96.3686





Milk Bath Photo Shoot with Grace

Milk Bath photo sessions make my creative juices flow. Its fun to see the different opportunities to compose the image. We had such great fun with Grace in creating the images. Some were a bit moodier and some a bit more fun. I love the fresh bright flowers adding light and fresh feel to some of the images.

Milk Bath photo inspiration with yellow flowers, fashion photo in milky water
Beautiful brunette milk bath photo shoot with yellow flowers
But some photos we wanted a bit moodier and we swapped out fresh bright yellow flowers for darker eucalyptus branches.  

But some photos we wanted a bit moodier and we swapped out fresh bright yellow flowers for darker eucalyptus branches.


Milk bath with branches
Beautiful womanin milk bath muted film look
Milk bath with vintage film look

Creating fine are images gives me energy even for the photo sessions that have less creative freedom. Getting to work with lovely fun people and experimenting and having fun brings joy and some amazing memories.

Abbi's Awesome Head Shots

Is your head-shot showing off your personality. I had a photo shoot with Abbi. And her photos ... well they tell a thousand words.

Color  -  bold headshot of beautiful woman with dark hair anf great makeup

Abbi is a hair stylist and attention to detail definitely speaks to her brand. She is bold and determined, I love that it shows through the images.

Photo of a Beautiful smiling woman in a red dress

And hay when you are having fun, you gotta show of your goofball side.

Goofy fun outtake from a fun photo session -  black and white photo of a beautiful woman
So the best advice I can give - when coming for a head-shot, a business portrait session or a branding photo shoot, come prepared -  make sure your hair is done, your clothes are wrinkle free and showcase your brand, and dont forget to have fun

So the best advice I can give - when coming for a head-shot, a business portrait session or a branding photo shoot, come prepared -  make sure your hair is done, your clothes are wrinkle free and showcase your brand, and dont forget to have fun

Fun Night Portrait Session

When night falls, mood changes. Finding light and molding it to create image you want adds a bit more challenge. On a trip to St Louis I got to photograph this beautiful girl and have some fun with beautiful lights hanging in trees.

Black and white photograph
Portrait of a young woman.jpg
Night photo Shoot young woman.jpg
Balck and Whipe portrait photo of young woman
Your story is worth celebrating

My Adventure on Etsy

There really is no shortcut... and being right doesn't get you a good review

Etsy Advise


Lets start by saying that I have been selling on Etsy for seven years now. After few years I ended up in several discussion forums on that site and for a good while I was in mentor group mostly specializing in customer service counseling and photography. As a side note a lot of my jobs in my past have been deeply rooted in customer service. And I truly believe that the only way a business can flourish is by providing great service to customers and taking care of its employees.


What surprised me the most when I received the requests for mentoring or resolving the problem, how little did the shop owner valued their time and piece of mind. They were willing to exchange countless messages with the customer just not to issue a refund which often times was below twenty dollars. And when I advised issuing a refund, moving on and concentrating on customers that do like their products, they sometimes argued that the customer is wrong.

What can I say - being right is not going to get you a good review. And as we now, when it comes to business, online reviews carry a lot of weight. So at one point my responses became questions.

How much was your item?

How long did it take to make you?

How much time have you spent conversing to your customer? ( in my experience, when it comes to problem resolution - the quicker the process, the better the result. I have not come across problems that got better with time)

Is the refund worth your peace of mind?


I had come to realize that when someone answers these questions, the answers present themselves. What most small creative businesses failed to anticipate is - there will be unhappy customers.


While mentoring group dissolved, now and then I still get questions and mentoring requests, but lately they have been - so how can I get my shop to earn money quickly? Whats the secret? But there is no secret, there is no shortcut. The online business just like good old fashion brick and mortar business means hustle, means planning and taxes.


So here is my Etsy story. I started on Etsy by making every mistake there was to make. I came across a knit item and a light bulb came on - I can make it, I can make it cheaper, and I can make some extra money, and its a global market place so surely there are a lot of customers who will find me. Right?

Well …. at the end of that year when I was done with my taxes - the numbers hit me like the brick wall. There were few things I had not accounted for - the supplies, the listing fees, the commissions, the shipping, the shipping supplies....the taxes... well... the list goes on. But my lack of planning did not stop there I decided to keep on going - I had inventory of items I've made and it needed to me sold, so I made another year of mistakes and the income at the end of the year was less than that of a Chinese worker. What I had failed at the most was planning. In hindsight... this was business 101, but I was an artist and creative, and I didn't realize I was in business. But I kept on going. And what really changed things for me is education, my love for learning. I looked at the data, and I made a plan.

I still have an Etsy store, but it is digital items only. If something doesn’t sell, the item gets archived. If customer has a question it gets answered as soon as possible. Because the only way to stay in business is to have a plan and have great service. There is no shortcut

Beautiful Photo Session with Cherry Blossoms

Spring is here. Everything is blooming, and sprouting and growing. Spring is my favorite season and it comes with such great possibilities for photo sessions. I love photographing engagements, and senior photo sessions and weddings this time of year. There are so may options for color and background, so many chances to incorporate natures beauty.

Senior Photo Session
Affordable senior photographer
beautiful senior photos
Your story is worth celebrating

Milk Bath Fashion Shoot

There is something ethereal, something dreamy when something is submerged in milky muted water. Lately milk bath photo shoots are popular in for maternity sessions.

I decided to go more into the fashion / fine art direction. We tried a lighter fresher look with orchids, and then another option with darker top and eucalyptus branches.

Milk bath Fashion Beauty Photo Inspiration

I absolutely loved working with Annika. We had so may laughs during this photo shoot. It was the first time for both of us and I cant be happier with the results.

Milk bath photo shoot
Milk Bath Fine Art Photo shoot
Milk Bath Fine Art Photo Inspiration