Kelly Scott - People behind the Business

I met Kelly few years ago. Out paths had crossed at Chamber of Commerce networking events and Coffee Club. But over the past year going to Coffee Club almost every week, I learned more about her business.

Kelly is the business coach and her company is Bound for Bliss. Her goal is to help her clients in creating the life they desire.

We sat down recently to chat about her path and passion for business and personal coaching

She went back to school to become a therapist, but found herself more in alignment with life coaching  -  the proactive aspect of it as well as being able to use ones past as a tool in shaping the future.

I asked her about her clients - who are people who are seeking her help.

Kelly -  its people who are deciding that they need the change in their life or people who are going through change.

She helps her clients in seeing a bigger picture.... putting all the little puzzle pieces in their life and putting it all together. People who know that they need to grow, and will need to put the effort in that growth. As she said  -  " the people are finally to the point where the pain of change is less than the pain that they are in -  because the pain is what pushes you forward."

Kelly starts her day with yoga and meditation and she also uses it in helping her clients growing in awareness -  noticing their own story and being able to write their own story, and learning from their experiences.

Majority of Kelly's coaching sessions are via phone. It helps with clients busy schedules as well as help them being open in their own environment.

If you think that Kelly could help you check out her website -  Bound for Bliss and her social media on Facebook and Instagram

Picassos Grapvine - all the bright future

Picasso's Grapevine is more than just painting  and wine, it offers palette sign classes and make your own corn-hole classes, to wine glass and wine bottle painting classes.

Recently there are some changes coming to this lovely art place. The building has new owners,  but the Grapevine is still going to offer classes -  they are just moving downstairs, while a bigger and broader future space is spruced up in a barn house not too far away on Clarkston road.

Picassos grapevine clasroom ready for students

But on this day - in the very first week of 2018, Leanna Haun was boxing up the bright paintings as she was moving the classroom downstairs.

Picassos grapevine (32).jpg
Picassos grapevine art classes
Picassos grapevine wine glass painting

While the storefront will be different, make sure you peak in a take a class and find a bit of time for art and wine

For all updates make sure you visit

Goodbye 2017 and hello 2018

2017 was a great year. Looking back I have to be thankful for the great opportunities through Minted -  I have two greeting cards in Target stores.

Ilze Lucero greeting card at Target
Let the adulting begin greeting card at Target

I got to visit my family in Latvia and have an extra stop in Rome, Italy

Rome Italy.jpg

I photographed some amazing weddings and portrait clients

Senior photogrpher in Clarkston
Wedding photogrpher in Detroit

So from the bottom of my heart I have to say -  thank you.

I'm looking forward to 2018 -  to set my intentions and reach my goals

Cowboy Wedding in Michigan - Upland Hills Farm

As this year is coming to a close, Ive been sorting my hard drive folders, and came across this lovely wedding -  so this is a bit of a throwback post. But it was such a pleasure to be part of the big day for this young couple who embraced the farm they chose for their ceremony and reception with flock of geese following us around for a while.

Wedding photogrpher Ilze Lucero (5).jpg


Upland Hills Farms had a lovely barn for the ceremony and beautiful hillside for the photos and it truly captured the cowboy style this couple chose for their big day

Cowboy Wedding Dancing on a hill
Flower Crown Boho Michigan Wedding
boho cowboy wedding Upland Hills Farm
Trendy Fingerprint wedding bands
Cowboy Farm Wedding Michigan
Barn Wedding - cowboy boots
Michigan Wedding photogrpher Ilze Lucero (14).jpg
Cowboy wedding

Free Photo Friday 12/15/17 Grunge and Textures

This Free photo Friday i am releasing various cement textures. Great to use in composits or as overlays in photo manipulations. I've always been drawn to textures, and everywhere I go, I see backgrounds and textures I could use. Over the years my collection has grown, so bellow are some that I am releasing under Free Photo Friday -  creative commons license  -  free for personal and commercial use.

As before - previous collections of Free photo Friday are available here

These free textures come from old building and grungy walls. Using them at various opacities in photoshop, as well as in variety of blending modes will create lovely textures. Convert them to black and white, or leave the tones, layer them or just use one. The possibilities are endless

Project - Latvian Nomad Portrait

Latvian Nomad Portrait Project has been growing in my heart for some time. My goal is to photograph Latvians abroad - create series of proffesional portraits of people who are proud of their Latvian roots, people who may no longer speak the language, or people who visit their homeland frequently. Portrait collection would be in an online gallery, possibly creating a book in a future.

latvian Nomad Portrait

Latvia is approaching its 100 year anniversary and at various times and turmoils in its history Latvians have found themselves away from their home country, yet their love for the small country on the Baltic Sea remains strong.

I've  lived in United States  for almost two decades, and have met Latvians with different paths that have brought them away from Latvia. With this project I hope to capture portraits that reflect the people who call themselves Latvian.

I am based in Michigan and would like to start in my home state however as I travel, I'd like to reach out to other communities as well. If you are Latvian and would like to find out more about this project, set up a portrait session please contact me at , connect of Facebook or Instagram.

I also invite my fellow Latvian Photographers abroad to join me in this project -  create professional portraits of Latvians abroad. Please use #latviannomad on Instagram or tag me @latviannomad

Free Photo Friday - 12/01/17 - Butterflies and bugs

This week for Free Photo Friday I'm releasing a series of images of frames. I had taken these photos for future composites or to use them in showcasing prints. The frames are variety of angles to accommodate for perspective.

Full Gallery availabe HERE

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The following images are preview of the photos that are available for download

Free Photo Friday - 11/24/17 - Frames

This week for Free Photo Friday I'm releasing a series of images of frames. I had taken these photos for future composites or to use them in showcasing prints. The frames are variety of angles to accommodate for perspective.

Full Gallery availabe HERE

Please consider a donation if you find these images useful DONATE HERE

The following images are preview of the photos that are available for download



These photos are released under Creative Commons license and can be used for personal and commercial purposes,and while attributions are appreciated they are not required. ( you may not claim the creation of these images or copyright to them )

These images CAN NOT be used to spread hate, discrimination, violence or abuse.

Your story is worth celebrating

Latvian Roots - Photo Shoot

It doesn't happen that I get to celebrate my Latvian roots in photos, but my cousin came to visit.

November 18th happens to be Latvian Independence Proclamation Day and Latvia is only a year shy of it 100th birthday. 

Traditional Latvian Crown - Latviesu vainags
tautumeita - Latvian traditions
Latvian traditional crown
Latvian nomad

Latvia is small country on Baltic Sea. While its population is just about 2 million, the country has rich history. Art Noveau architecture in Riga (the capital of Latvia) shines throughout the city. The song and dance festival gathers thousands of Latvians in celebration. And now as the Latvias 100th birthday is approaching, the country is ready to celebrate.

I was born in Latvia and grew up there, but my life has taken me to States where I'm raising my family. And while during busy days my Latvian spirit may fade, I feel my roots deeply when I listen to music or catch up with a fellow Latvian.