Rock your wedding bouquet and boutineer

Being a wedding photographer I see such a great variety of wedding flowers. Grand bouquets with big center blooms, color coordinated to match the color themes of the wedding, classic roses and some bouquets are not flowers at all.

Pink Peony and rose  bboho wedding bouquet

I love photographing flowers. I also have noticed quite a few challenges over the years of seeing wedding bouquets. Flowers are expensive. On on your special day you want them to add to the overall celebration aesthetic.

Since most of us don’t regularly handle flowers, seeking reputable florist is a great idea. They can advise you on blooms that are in season, blooms that will last though out your day as well as providing knowledge of assembling a great bouquet. However knowing some basics will set you up for a great start. In this article I’m focusing on fresh flowers

5 tips for wedding flowers.jpg

So here are my 5 tips to rock you wedding flowers.

  1. Pick blooms that are in season - these flowers will usually be the freshest and have greatest availability.

  2. Consider the wight of the bouquet - you will be carrying the flowers for quite some time. Also when consider boutineers and corsages - heaver blooms will tend to pull on fabrics and may be harder to attach. Stiffer stems also tend to break. (remember that boutineers will see some use as there will be quite a bit of hugging during the wedding day).

  3. Pay attention to how bouquet is constructed - you will handle the flowers quite a bit throughout the day - make sure to talk to the florist about how delicate are some blooms and where they should be placed in the bouquet so they don’t break

  4. Consider the climate/season and how long the flowers will be exposed to hot/ cold temperatures - tropical blooms may do better in summer, delicate blooms may start to wilt and droop when exposed to hours of heat or cold

  5. Do your research ahead of time - look up the flowers that you like ans see how well they handle as cut blooms. Consider that the photos you may see online may be prepared specifically for a photo shoot, that they may be in a controlled temperatures.

Boho Rose and Eucalyptus wedding bouquet

When I photograph flowers at the wedding - I set a goal to get my shots in as early as possible - as soon as I arrive or as soon as florist delivers them. But likely flowers will be in photos throughout the day - at the ceremony, on the table at the reception.

Tropical King Protea Wedding Bouquet

As a quick common sense note - have a paper towel or a regular towel to be able to dab water from the steams when you remove your bouquet from the vase. I’ve encountered quite a bit of improvisation when bouquets drip and sometimes leave stains on wedding and bridesmaid dresses.

Wedding bouquet -  yellow and blue with garden roses, billy balls and anemones
 Floral arrangement by  Design Quintesentials

Floral arrangement by Design Quintesentials

Classic rose wedding bouquet -  red, white and gold
Modern wedding flowers- roses, dahlias and fresias

Lovely lakeside wedding at Twin Chimneys

Lucas and Alexa had their lovely lakeside wedding at Twin Chimneys Independence Oaks County park. Having an outside wedding in Michigan can have its risks - from scorching heat to rain, but this day only few drops came down earlier in the day, and the breeze from the lake made for a lovely celebration of love.

Independence Oaks Clarkston Mi Wedding
Twin Chimneys  MI Wedding

The pavilion was decorated with string lights and rustic table center pieces and guests were treated to handmade soaps as favors.

Wedding at Independence Oaks County Park

The couple said their I Dos in front of the gazebo and the park gave great options for romantic wedding photos on the docks of the lake and around the park.

Wedding couple at the Independence Oaks Clarkston Wedding
Clarkston Wedding
Clarkston Wedding at Independence Oaks Twin Chimneys
Clarkston Wedding Photogrpher

And So Cheers to the happy couple. May their life is filled with love and understanding.


Riga 2018

This one is bit from the heart.

Jana Baznica Riga St Johns Church in Riga Latvia

I spent a few weeks in Riga this July -  I went back to visit family and city where I grew up. This has been a long time since I went for a visit all by myself. just a year ago we went as a family. But this one was different. This was a trip to visit my grandmothers -  both of them still living. It was also a trip to to enjoy the city my way.

Art Noveau Riga Latvia

I am a city girl -  I haven't lived in a big city in over 7 years now, but I miss it. I grew up in Riga, Latvia -  the capital. While my early childhood was spent mostly in Ciekurkalns -  older corner of the city with frequent visits to Mezaparks  - large park and a Zoo near Kisezers Lake, my high-school years  were spent in Imanta - newer apartment area, and frequent trips downtown Riga.

Kisezers and Mezaparks, Riga Latvia

Every time I go back for a visit I fall in love with this beautiful city I used to call home. In everyday life I had walked countless times past stunning buildings and centuries old churches. Now I breath in and take a moment to admire the Art Noveau architecture that flourishes all over town. The cobblestone streets make me think of centuries old tradition that has been preserved.

Latviajs Nacionalais Makslas Muzejs Terase

This trip I also filled with museums and art gallery visits. I went to Latvian National Art Museum and Arsenals ( I haven't been in arsenals since high-school), I went Makslas Telpa and countless souvenir shops and local boutiques that looked like art galleries.

Latvijas Nacionalais Makslas Muzejs
Latvijas Nacionalais Makslas Muzejs
Berlin Bears RIga

And I enjoyed all the moments of city -  filled with life and culture... and also tourists and traffic. I felt like a tourist admiring architecture and meeting friends in cafe's I no monger were familiar with. I was reminded of life with no air conditioning ( and this was unusually hot summer) and no refills, and delicious food, and unique salads.... and amazing deserts. 

Delicious food in Latvia

While I did quite a bit of wondering in the city, this trip was also to spend some very needed time with family. One of my grandmothers is in her nineties and the hardest part is  feeling so helpless  -  being so far away when her health is deteriorating. My other grandmother is in her late eighties and I got to spend a bit more time with her - remembering most of my childhood summers spent in her country home.

This trip was bittersweet. Its this unexplained feeling  when I have built my life so far away. While technology helps bring as closer with Skype calls and photos, the longing of all things familiar, unique cultural habits and people who know you inside and out never really fades.

There is a part of me that feels like a nomad -  unsettled, looking for new  places and enjoying the travel, but there are also deep roots in the place I come from. And this trip was a reminder of how deep they are.

Mezaparks Riga
Livu Laukums Krievu teatris  maza Gilde Riga
Troksnu Iela Riga
Street Musician Riga
Daugava Ikskile

Bridal Photo Session on a Beach

Recently got to photograph with Stephanie on a beach. I love the light reflecting from the sand and how breeze moves the clothing.




We had a gorgeous bouquet. I have to thank Detroit Design Company for sourcing beautiful protea blooms.

Beach wedding Photo Shoot

I love photographing movement. Being on the beach and having a bit of a breeze catch the bridal cape was exactly what I was looking for. While it looks like we were on a quiet beach, people were sunbathing and enjoying the water at the Holly Recreation area. We just played with angles and looked for clearing.

Bridal Cape Photo Shoot

But this beautiful cape stole the show. I'm a big fan of veils in bridal portraits. This flowing cape had the feel of long flowy veil, but held up in the wind ( the veils sometimes pul on the hair a bit too hard)

Prom Photos among flowers

The prom season is upon us. Girls in stunning dresses, beautiful make up and hair, guys in polished suits and tuxes.

This prom photo-shoot was for two exchange students studying in our are schools from Italy and Vietnam.

Prom photos Clarkston MI

It was fun to create some great images to send home to the family as the senior year is wrapping up.

Senior Prom photos

I love photographing these events as they freeze happy moments we will look back at.

High Scchool Senior Photos Clarkston
Guy Senior Prom Photo
Senior Prom Photo Session

Amaizing Smoke Photo-Shoot With Kyle

Spring finally had arrived and i was ready for another creative photo shoot. I'm so excited that Kyle from Kyle Ann Design joined me to have some fun with.

Green Smoke Photo Shoot

We photographed with green, purple and white smoke in wooded area near my home. The exciting part about photographing smoke is the movement and unpredictability as the smoke rises. Even the slightest wind changes the direction and how it billows.

Green Smoke Photo Shoot Michigan Photographer
White Smoke Photo Shoot -  Detroit Metro Photographer
Smoke Photo Shoot -  Detroit Metro Photogrpher
Purple Smoke Photo Shoot

Kyle also happens to be amazing hair and make -up artist in Detroit Metro area. So we changed up her hair half way through the photo-shoot.


Body Mind Green Expo - Clarkston 2018

Every year Clarkston Area Chamber of Commerce puts on a Body Mind Green Expo featuring local businesses that are involved in health , wellness and better living industries in the local area.

Body Mind Green Expo

This year Expo featured chiropractors from several companies including Orion Family Spinal Center, midwifery service  -  Nine Short Months, microblading service -  Bespoke , as well as variety of hospital services, healthy food coaching and  physical therapy companies.

 Another highlight at the Expo was Clarkston High School Basketball Team -  State Champions signing autographs of their poster.

Body Mind Green Expo Clarksotn